Minutes of TACT Executive Meeting: August 7, 2013

Minutes of TACT Executive Meeting: August 7, 2013 @ TACT Centre

Present: Bob & Maggie Timms, Doby Dobrastanski, Peter Teuner, Tim Atwood, Mike Gagne, Karen May, Marilyn Timms (observer)

Regrets: Faren Wolfe (written representation presented)

7:10 pm – Meeting called to order: Chair: Bob Timms

Agenda: accepted as amended (Maggie, Bob)

Minutes of Executive Meeting of May 20/13 accepted as read and amended. (Karen, Doby)

Treasurer’s Report: Maggie Timms (circulated Balance Sheet as of Aug.7, Profit & Loss YTD, Transactions by Account, also Insurance Costs for 2013)

Discussion re Internet Exp: do we need it in TACT building? $480 per year approx. Tabled for discussion at next general meeting.

Treasurer’s Report accepted. (Maggie, Bob)

Building Committee Report: BC Creative Spaces Project
Grant application and Guidelines were reviewed. It was noted that the wording was open to broad interpretation (possibly deliberately). Also noted that we applied for grant of $50,000 and received only $30,000, so expectations and vision have to be scaled back accordingly.

Written representation of Director Faren Wolfe was read and discussed at length (see addendum).

Discussion re Criteria for Referral of issues from Building Committee to the Executive, and from the Executive to the General Membership: it was recognized that we need clearer mechanisms. Decision: to refer to Executive to discuss and establish those criteria.

Discussion re Building of Stage for performers: all labour (many hours) was donated: Dick Fahlman designed stage, and donated >60 hours of personal time. Bob Timms also donated labour and materials. The cost for materials for this project was <$300. The consensus among the executive was that this was money well spent. Many thanks to Dick Fahlman and Bob Timms.

Financial Report: Presented by Maggie Timms. BC Creative Spaces Grant Budget YTD was reviewed. As of August 7, $10,192.36 of $30,000 has been utilized.

Priority List: windows have been done, flooring is partly done, exterior beautification (painting) is proceeding.

Discussion: need for transparency re spending of grant funds – ie criteria for executive approval of bids? Motion: that all bids for more than $400 require 1st approval of Building Committee, and then Executive approval. (Doby, Mike Gagne) Carried.
Motion: that all approved minutes from Building Committee, Executive, and General Meetings be posted ASAP on TACT website. (Karen, Doby) Carried.

Discussion: re priority of kitchen readiness for next Coffee House in September. Motion: that kitchen upgrade be made a priority to enable resumption of Coffee House in September. (Karen, Tim) Carried.

Discussion: re appropriateness of inclusion of replacement cost of hot water tank in Creative Spaces budget. Motion: that cost of hot water tank be taken from Music Committee Term. (Tim, Peter) Carried.

TACT Society’s Vision of the Centre and its Future: tabled to next meeting

Treasury Issues: Insurance costs overview presented by Maggie Timms. Total costs just over $3000 for 2013. TAFI will donate $1000 to help with insurance expense. TASC will donate $1000 also. (Doby Dobrastanski)
Motion: to set up a savings account for insurance premiums. (Tim, Mike) Carried.
Motion: to allocate $1000 from TAFI account, and $1000 from TASC account to Insurance savings account. (Doby, Karen) Carried.

New Business:

Comox Air Show: Some travel costs will be incurred. (August 17) Doby.

Article in Peak: Bob will write rebuttal letter re article by Linda Holmes in July 31/13 issue of the Peak.

New Directors: Marilyn Timms and Sandy McCormick will stand as TACT Directors till next AGM. Approved by Executive.

Succession Planning: Tabled to next meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 9:10 pm. Next meeting TBA.

Recording Secretary: Karen May