Artists and Artisans

  • Atwood Glass Studio

    Atwood Glass Studio
    5660 Fry Pan Lane
    Timothy Atwood

    Stained glass, fine woodwork, metal work, architectural detailing

  • Crystal Music, Art & Books

    Crystal Music, Art & Books
    5137 Columbia St., Van Anda
    Cindy Babyn – Sound Healer, Visual Artist, Author
     Cindy Babyn with Koshi Chime Cindy with Crystal Pyramid
    Spectacular Lookout, Algonquin Park_Cindy Babyn_for printing MovingOut-CVR_Hi Res
    MUSIC & SOUND HEALING: I provide private music & sound healing in my tiny house for women and youth: 30, 60, and 75 minute sessions of confidential and compassionate listening, as well as live music with my quartz crystal singing bowls, Himalayan prayer bowls, gongs, tuning forks, chimes, monochord, and more. Relax, release, and recharge with these supportive and uplifting sounds while on the Amethyst Crystal Biomat (soothing Far Infrared heat). I also provide live music for yoga classes or other group events and festivals, either on Texada or off-island. I can typically accommodate last-minute bookings, gift certificates are available too.
    VISUAL ART: My Canadian landscapes visual art in bold, contemporary colours are available for purchase in oil paint, soft and oil pastels. Art cards available too.
    BOOKS: I’m a published author of two books available for purchase: Moving Out! A Young Adult’s Guide to Living on Your Own (2014 White Pine Award nominated) is a practical and philosophical book on how youth can look for apartments, find movers and roommates, budget, stand up for their renting rights, effectively overcome homesickness, and live with all the cultures of the world in one of our great Canadian cities. Moving Out Workshops for youth are available. Moving Out! Moving Through Life Transitions, is a collection of 25 Canadian moving stories from the oldest among us: seniors, to the youngest (foster children), and all ages in between! | Facebook page | 604-344-0428

  • Deborah Dumka

    Deborah Dumka

    Functional felt artwork and accessories, fibre art – vests, bags, rugs & hangings
    online shop:

  • Marilyn Timms

    Marilyn Timms, visual artist
    Van Anda
    Day 22 Really Red Poppies 9_12X7 Day 24 Tractor Shed 9_12 X 7
    Day 9 Path At Filberg Lodge 9X6_14 Day 16 Wild Calla Lilies 10X8
    Original award-winning watercolour & acrylic paintings
    604 486-6907

  • Mud Otter Pottery

    Kathleen Scott, Ceramic Artist and Painter,
    Mud Otter Pottery, 5271 Coleborn St. Van Anda

    scott1 scott4 scott3

  • Peter Teuner, Wood Crafter

    Peter Teuner, Wood Crafter

  • Sandy McCormick

    Sandy McCormick
    Beach glass art
    Passionate about beach glass for 40-plus years, Sandy turns her amazing collection into works of useful art to match any decor. Candle holders, wind chimes, driftwood mirrors, wreaths, frames, beach glass curtains and more. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. New styles. Include your own keepsakes. Custom orders welcome.
    Sandy McCormick 604 414-3525

  • The Studio on Dogwood Street

    The Studio on Dogwood Street
    Gillies Bay
    O.C. (Doby) Dobrostanski

    Custom paintings and murals from your photos or ideas, fibreglass creations.