Texada Island Chamber of Commerce

The Texada Island Chamber of Commerce is an association of business owners and individual members who band together to improve business and the community on the Island. The after dinner meeting is an excellent venue for keeping informed with what’s happening on the Island and generally a barometer of local concerns and issues that are acted upon locally or passed on to Regional, Provincial and Federal governments.
Dinner meetings are held at the Legion the last Friday of every 2nd month beginning in September and finishing in May. A wide variety of guest speakers are invited.
For more information, contact chamber president Karen May cwoodkmay@yahoo.com or phone 604-413-0994


Consideration Feb/Mar 2017:
Do members of the Texada Island Chamber of Commerce want to join the BC Chamber of Commerce (BCCC)? This information pasted below is presented for discussion at the March 24, 2017 meeting. Please direct all questions regarding BCCC membership, including medical and dental benefits, by March 12 to Cbabyn@gmail.com or Cindy at 604-344-0428. Questions will be compiled and sent in one communication to the BCCC. Hopefully we’ll receive answers, which can be discussed at the March 24, 2017 meeting. Thank you.

Cost to join BCCC: $13 per voting member, which can be paid quarterly ($3.25 every 3 months).

About the BC Chamber of Commerce
The BC Chamber of Commerce was established in 1951 by B.C.’s local Chambers and Boards of Trade, with a mandate to drive business advocacy on behalf of its B.C.-wide network. To this day, business advocacy remains our core focus. We consistently engage with decision-makers across all B.C. ministries and federal departments to communicate our members’ views on policies and breaking issues. In support of our advocacy, we facilitate a unique, grassroots policy-building process that draws on the innovative ideas and on-the-ground experience of our member Chambers, Boards and businesses in every region of the province.

BC Chamber of Commerce Policy
In a nutshell, from a policy perspective, while you are focussed on making your community a better place to live and do business, the BC Chamber is focused on making the province abetter place to live and do business in. We are a unique organization that represent 36,000 businesses of every size, sector and region of the province. This means we are recognized as being the most representative business organization in the province – in short we are recognized as the voice of business in BC. Representing this kind of constituency means government listens, the challenge is to ensure that we say what you want us to say.

So how do we achieve this? The simple answer is by harnessing the power of the network. To do this we have a democratic, member driven policy process. Resolutions are solicited from you, our member chambers. We need local chambers to be active in this process now more than ever. The reason for this is that the process has never been more important than it is right now. The challenges we face within the current economic climate means it is more important than ever that chambers be a stabilizing force for good while also being a catalyst for transformative change – no easy task!! Our process allows us to challenge our members by asking the questions – What vision do you have for your community? What are the challenges facing your members businesses in the short, medium and long term and what are the solutions? What are the opportunities for your community?

Area Meetings
The BC Chamber executive team visits local communities annually for Area Meetings where discussions are held on local issues. Facilitated by the BC Chamber staff, this is your chance to get together with your colleagues and review issues of specific interest to your region.

Membership Programs
As a member of the BC Chamber, your Chamber has access to many privileges and benefits to strengthen and grow B.C.’s network of Chambers and Boards of Trade, and their member businesses. In addition to effective representation of your business concerns to the provincial government, the Chamber provides:

  • Access to a number of tangible benefits some of which give revenue back to your chamber. The attached benefits sheet details the wealth of benefits and exclusive rates that we offer our member businesses.
  • Educational Opportunities: Webinars on a variety of topics including Board Governance, Strategic Planning, How to make the most of your benefits program etc.

Further, we hold a number of unique and exclusive events during the year that traditionally have a governmental focus. These events, such as our wildly popular Premier & Cabinet Luncheon, provide members with an opportunity to meet and speak with key decision makers in our province.

ChamberLink is an email list serve dedicated to providing member Chambers of the BC Chamber of Commerce with a simple and effective method of communication. We have a highly engaged membership who are keen to offer advice and suggestions to each other on all manner of topics.

Communications Tools

The BC Chamber produces the following newsletters on a monthly basis:

Network Link

  • Targeted specifically at Chamber managers, with info that they may want to pass on to members
  • Content includes a Spotlight feature that focuses on one local Chamber that is innovating in some way; benefits updates; events info; updates about Board nominations; and content targeted at member businesses, such as grant and award info.


  • Focuses on the BC Chamber’s advocacy pushes – current efforts and results achieved
  • Broad readership including Chamber managers, corporate members, government associations and other stakeholders
  • Something your members and board members can sign up for directly, to keep current on B.C. business policy developments. Sign up is available on the BC Chamber homepage.

The BC Chamber also produces regular media releases to drive and influence public discussion on key business and policy topics. Some releases are planned well in advance (ex. release for the B.C. Budget, release(s) for Small Business Week) while others are more spontaneous (ex. reacting to a policy change).
For Chamber Executives, these news releases (which can be customized/re-branded to suit your needs) enable you to grow your profile /influence in your community; drive advocacy results; and demonstrate your advocacy value to members and attract new members.

The BC Chamber will provide updates to our Chambers on important and moving advocacy issues, that you in turn can pass on to your members. As well, to support local Chambers’ advocacy work (including letter writing, meetings with officials and placing op-eds in local news publications), the BC Chamber will provide communications support on key advocacy topics. This may include: Key messages (for use in discussions with officials, communications with members etc.); Template letters (that can be localized, modified etc.); Template op-eds (that can be localized, modified etc.)

The BC Chamber will sometimes provide local Chambers with a social media package (suggested posts/tweets) to support Chambers in their social media efforts on a particular issue/topic. We are also active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We use these channels to boost news releases and newsletters, flag free small business tools, showcase news articles featuring the BC Chamber and its policies; build our brand and engage with the public. We hope our social media feeds will provide local Chambers with some advocacy content that they can re-share or take inspiration from in crafting their own posts.

In the end, it is about the network – and the power of having a collective voice to advance our concerns to the Government.

Please see 2017 BCCC Benefits at a glance