Annual General Meeting – April 11, 2013

Texada Arts, Culture, & Tourism Society

Annual General Meeting – April 11, 2013
7pm @ the TACT Centre

Directors Present: Bob Timms, Maggie Timms, Tim Atwood, Doby Dobrostanski, Branka Brajkovic, Shirley McCune, Karen May

Chair: Bob Timms, Treasurer: Maggie Timms Secretary: Karen May

Also present: Faren Wolfe, Collier Quinton, Mike Gagne, Maureen Northrop, Dave Northrop, Terry Hollo, John Hollo, Lois Warner, Sandy Simms, Rob McWilliams, Deborah ____________

Proposal by Linda Wood-Schippling, Vice-President of TICS: re Sandcastle 2013.
TICS would like us to take under consideration a joint venture with TACT to set up an artists’ display venue at the Senior’s Centre Ball Park for this year’s Sandcastle days. Artists who sell their wares would pay a % as do all other vendors. Linda left it with us for discussion at a later date.

Minutes of 2012 AGM: read by Karen May. Motion to accept minutes: Maureen Northrop, second: Lois Warner, Carried.

Financial Report: Maggie Timms, seconded by Tim Atwood, Accepted.

Membership Report: Bob Timms, 56 members at this time.

Old Business: Bob Timms: Van Anda Walking Tour expansion – May 15 is target date for completion (maps available at TACT, Wharf, Hotel and Museum.

New Business:
1. Grant Application (BC Creative Spaces): we have received $30,000 for needed renovations to the TACT bldg. Targeting windows, flooring (upstairs and kitchen), courtyard, pass thru from kitchen, lighting.

2. Building Renovations Committee: Timothy Atwood, Doby, and Shirley to Chair – to work closely with Treasurer and Board of Directors. Moved: Tim Atwood, second: Doby, Carried.

3. Booking Calendar: need to have hard copy in the Centre, need Booking Co-ordinator. Collier Quinton will look into Google Apps for Booking Calendar

4. Booking Policy: needs to be re-visited as our needs change. Deborah and Doby will write new Draft Policy for next Exec. Mtg.

5. Website Banner Ads: getting some action – $50/year for members.

6. Texada Branding Model: “Texada Island Elements” proposal was done by Mikael Colville-Anderson (Linda Anderson’s brother) was circulated amongst the attendees. Mikael, from Copenhagenize Design Co., has put this pro-bono proposal forward to the Texada Economic Strategy Group and will be presented to Chamber of Commerce. Much discussion, more questions than answers!

7. Events for 2013:
Strawberry Moon Festival (Coffee House): outdoor celebration June 22 – 3-10pm or 5-10pm – TBA,(Shirley McCune) Texada
Fly-in: July 21, Fraser Blues will come again, Aerospace Camp: July 18-20,
Fly-in Fling (dance) July 20, Seniors Aerospace Event: May 4 – $20, includes lunch.
Comox Air Show: Doby invited to set up booth, Aug. 17.(Doby Dobrostanski)
Kids for Saving Earth eco-camp for kids: Aug.12-16 in planning stages.(Karen May)
Run the Rock, marathon, ½ marathon, plus 8k, Aug.25. (Rob McWilliams)

Election of New Directors: by acclamation – Faren Wolfe, Mike Gagne, Collier Quinton

Returned by acclamation: Bob Timms, Karen May, Timothy Atwood, Branka Brajkovic

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Recorded by: Karen E. May